Northampton Ramblers

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The Friendly Walkers 



As an organisation, it is now possible to meet as a group of up to 30 people provided Covid 19 Secure guidelines are adhered to. We   are therefore  recommencing the walk programme,  subject to the guidelines below and current government regulations.  We believe,  to assist with this, walks should be limited to a maximum of 20 members.

  1.  Anyone wishing to join a walk MUST contact the leader by 6 pm on a Friday for Saturday walks and 6 pm on a Saturday for Sunday walks to ‘register’, giving name and a contact telephone number.
  2.  The ‘register’ will be taken by the leader on the day and names of all those walking will be sent to the Programme Secretary who will be responsible for recording and maintaining details on a copy of the membership database. Names of walkers are required to be kept for a period of 3 weeks from the date of the walk.
  3.  Should anyone test positive for Covid 19 within 7 days of a walk they MUST contact the Programme Secretary ([email protected]/01604 762917/07814 076423) without delay so that all walkers can be informed and self-isolate/test as appropriate.
  4.  If anyone is feeling unwell and/or showing signs of Covid-19, it is expected that they will not attempt to walk.
  5.  Government guidelines on social contact and physical distancing should be observed at all times.
  6. It is inadvisable to share cars, food, drink or equipment, such as walking poles.
  7.  Avoid touching gates and path furniture where possible.
  8.  Should Members wish to use any form of PPE, they should bring their own as the group cannot be responsible for supplying face coverings/gloves.
  9. Members should bring their own hand sanitiser.
  10.  Lunches will not be arranged. Should members wish to eat at the end of the walk, it will be their responsibility to make their own arrangements.
  11. Non-members will not be permitted to walk at this time This means that anyone wishing to walk with us will have to become a member in order to do so.

It is hoped that by complying with these ‘rules’ we will be able to walk safely and enjoy each other’s company again.




When planning a walk with Covid 19 restrictions in place, the following points should be borne in mind:

  1.  Make a list of everyone who has called to say they will be joining the walk and take it to the start of the walk. It is suggested that a maximum of 20 members only walk and, unless you feel comfortable with more (up to 30) you should say the walk is full once 20 people have registered.
  2.  Check everyone off before you set off.
  3.  In your introduction, remind everyone of physical distancing, hygiene measures and any particular hazards on the route.
  4.  Try to avoid stiles and gates wherever possible; carry hand sanitizer for your personal use.
  5. 5Try to avoid pinch points – narrow towpaths for example – where physical distancing is not possible
  6.  Try to avoid busy locations and congested areas where physical distancing may be problematic.
  7.  Nominate a ‘gate person’ who should be responsible for opening gates to allow people through and ensuring they are closed when everyone has passed through.
  8.  Recce your route as close to the date of the walks as possible – make a note of any hazards and plan any adjustments. Ensure there is enough space for everyone to socially distance when stopping for a break.
  9.  Carry a face covering in case of incidents.
  10.  At the end of the walk, ensure that names of walkers are sent to the Programme Secretary who will maintain a log in compliance with government guidelines.